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let the moonlight charm you

let the moonlight charm you

What I'll post in my journal would possibly be my fandoms.
I like the Japanese band Alice Nine, Kat-tun
I also like to watch the drama of some actors like
Sato Takaeru, Miura Haruma, Mukai Osamu, Kiriyama Renn
I'm open up to meet new people so please do not hesitate to add and talk to me.

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Thank you.


about_mayyhew .

I like jrock bands specially alice nine and the gazette..
And I also like jp bands like kattun,arashi..
Uhmm I like watching anime,reading manga,surfing the net,listening to music,and taking photos.*but not mine hehe*..i like studying diff kinds of lang..^^
…. . you can add me as long as you leave a comment anwhere hehe..i love making new friends so you can add me on my other acc.^^
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